Family Owned | Veteran Operated

802 Craft Cannabis is a family founded, veteran operated company from the green mountains of Vermont.

Our hemp is grown organically in our small field in West Rutland.

We care for our hemp from seed to shelf.
We love and use all of our products ourselves.

Seed to Shelf Organic Farming

We grow our hemp from seed to harvest using only organic practices. 
Our nutrient feeds consist of a basic organic fish emulsion compost tea. 
Our hemp is free of any kind of unnatural pesticide or fertilizer.

Our products undergo full-panel lab testing to ensure our product is free of pesticides, mycotoxins, bacteria and heavy metals.

We put lots of work into growing very clean cannabis.

Craft Hemp Hang Dried and Slow Cured

We hang dry all of our hemp for terpene retention.

Our dried hemp flower is hand-selected, trimmed and packaged for a proper slow curing - retaining a smooth flavor and potent aroma.